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Exploring the Technology Behind On Running Shoes

On Running shoes have gained significant popularity among runners and athletes for their innovative design and advanced technology. Founded in 2010, the Swiss brand has revolutionized the running experience by introducing cutting-edge features that enhance comfort, performance, and overall foot mechanics.

In this blog post, we will delve into the technology behind On Running shoes and explore how these features contribute to an exceptional running experience.


CloudTec® Cushioning System

At the heart of On Running shoes is the patented CloudTec® cushioning system. This technology utilizes cloud-like pods or "clouds" on the outsole to provide cushioning and impact absorption. These clouds are designed to compress upon impact and then lock together, offering a firm and stable base for a powerful toe-off. The unique configuration of the clouds promotes a smooth and natural running gait, reducing the risk of discomfort and potential injuries.

Speedboard™ Technology

The Speedboard™ is a key component of On Running shoes that enhances energy transfer and responsiveness. It is a thin, flexible plate that sits between the midsole and outsole. The Speedboard™ technology mimics the natural rolling motion of the foot, propelling the runner forward and maximizing energy efficiency. By aiding in efficient toe-off and reducing energy loss, this technology helps runners maintain a steady pace and optimize their performance.


Helion™ Superfoam

Another standout feature in On Running shoes is the Helion™ superfoam. This proprietary foam material strikes a perfect balance between cushioning and responsiveness. It offers superior shock absorption to protect against impact while providing a springy and responsive feel.

The Helion™ foam is lightweight, durable, and adapts to varying temperatures, ensuring consistent performance and comfort in various running conditions.


Engineered Mesh Upper

On Running shoes feature an engineered mesh upper that provides a secure and breathable fit. This mesh construction offers targeted support and flexibility where needed, allowing the foot to move naturally without compromising stability. The breathable nature of the upper ensures proper ventilation, preventing the build-up of moisture and promoting a cool and comfortable environment for the feet.

Adaptive Eyelets and Lacing System

To further enhance the fit and overall performance, On Running incorporates adaptive eyelets and a unique lacing system. The eyelets are strategically positioned to adapt to the individual shape and movement of the foot, ensuring a secure and personalized fit. The lacing system allows for easy adjustability, allowing runners to fine-tune the tension and customize the fit to their preference.

Sustainability Initiatives

Beyond the technology within their shoes, On Running also prioritizes sustainability. The brand actively seeks environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes to minimize their ecological footprint. They strive to reduce waste, use recycled materials, and promote responsible sourcing throughout their supply chain. By choosing On Running shoes, runners can contribute to a more sustainable future while enjoying the benefits of advanced technology.

In conclusion, On Running shoes stand out for their innovative technology and commitment to delivering an exceptional running experience. From the CloudTec® cushioning system to the Speedboard™ technology, Helion™ superfoam, and engineered mesh upper, each component is carefully designed to optimize comfort, performance, and foot mechanics. As you explore the world of On Running shoes, embrace the cutting-edge technology that propels you forward and elevates your running journey to new heights.

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