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Superfeet Everyday Pain Relief Insoles

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Experience extraordinarily effective relief from foot, heel and arch pain, including pain from plantar fasciitis. Premium therapeutic foam is topped with antibacterial, antimicrobial Vibram Diflex and shaped by an EVOLyte carbon-fiber cap for the shape and support your feet crave. Independent heel stabilizers are included for added structure and support — place in your footwear for maximum personalization.

  • VIBRAM DIFLEX Therapeutic Foam
  • VIBRAM DIFLEX: antibacterial, antimicrobial top cover minimizes shifting
  • PREMIUM THERAPEUTIC FOAM: matches the contours of the foot
  • CARBON FIBER STABILIZER CAP: provides weight-defying shape and support
  • DEEP HEEL CUP: protects heel from repetitive impact
  • INDEPENDENT HEEL STABILIZER: for added structure and support, and maximum personalization
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